scala interna


This place speaks of the care that the local craftsmen and workers put into it, restoring every detail and making it welcoming, like the house you would never want to leave. Stone, wood, iron, marble – each detail called for work and attention, and now can be lived in full.

San Michele Apartments, in the centre of Fagagna, keeps the dreams of the people who pass through it, and their stories too. It keeps their laughter, their whispers, and preserves them for the next visit, to remember having been happy.

Elena is the one who makes your stay at Casa del Vicario a perfect moment, coordinates activities, suggests itineraries, delicacies and accompanies guests with a smile.

“People here feel at home, and they know it will be this way every time they come back. Happiness for us consists of perfect little things, and we know that care for the body and mind is also given by small gestures